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Custom Couches

We are all about choices
At Custom Couches we understand that 'one size does not fit all' that is why we are all about choices. Choose between different designs, sizes, fabrics, colours to fit it with your unique space and decor.
We manufacture all our couches, beds, headboards, ottomans on site from beginning to end, using only the best raw products and are able to offer them at affordable factory prices.
Our dedicated sales consultants will assist with the entire process at our factory showroom, ensuring you get the exact furniture you require.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 09:00AM-06:00PM
Saturday 09:00AM-05:00PM
Sunday – By Appointment, Contact 074 196 4542 or 082 225 5602


Northriding 011 462 1328


Floor Standing Headboards

Custom CouchesFloor Standing Headboards

Floor Standing Headboards


Headboards Single 3/4 Double Queen King
Sizes 97cm wide x 150cm high 113cm wide x 150cm high 143cm wide x 150cm high 158cm wide x 150cm high 189cm wide x 150cm high
Plain R 950 R 1,250 R 1,450 R 1,750 R 1,950
Single Stitch R 1,250 R 1,450 R 1,750 R 1,950 R 2,250
Fold Over Stitch R 1,450 R 1,750 R 1,950 R 2,250 R 2,450
Panels R 1,950 R 2,250 R 2,450 R 2,750
Buttons R 2,250 R 2,450 R 2,750 R 2,950
Chesterfield R 3,450 R 3,750 R 3,950
Chesterfield Wings R 5,250 R 5,450 R 5,750
Chesterfield Round Back R 5,950 R 6,750 R 7,450

Colour: Many colour options to choose from
Standard Fabrics: PU Leather, Chenille, Suede
Design Fabrics: Huge range – Additional charges apply per metre